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The "ComfyBreasts™" Relaxation System, consists of 4 layers of heavenly comfort, that gives the Most comfort imaginable for your entire torso, and relieves that age old pressure, and pain problem women have always had to worry about, when attempting to sleep or lie on their stomach!

The "ComfyBreasts™" Relaxation System, is professionally formed to hug your torso comfortably, and gives your breasts an "outlet" to relax while lying on your stomach, allowing women, for the first time in their life, to feel amazingly comfortable lying on their stomach!

Don't Fall for "Other Pillows" that will cause you lower back pain!
This Full Body Pillow supports the lower back, unlike other pillows that just go directly under the breasts ONLY, which Raises the Upper Torso up, and causes an Uncomfortable Arch in the back, which is Not Natural, and will cause Great Lower Back Pain, after only one night sleeping on it! Don't risk other pain, when the Full Body, "ComfyBreasts™" Relaxation System, allows you to lie in the great comfort of the entire length of pillow, from your upper torso, all the way down below your waist. It is Crucial to have a level surface to sleep on, or your back is in an inclined position, which is a very unnatural position for your back, and WILL Cause Great Lower Back Pain!

Sleep in Great Comfort, with the Full Body, "ComfyBreasts™" Relaxation System!

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