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Brand New inflatable, water lounging raft,
called "ComfyRaft"

The ComfyBreasts™, "ComfyRaft", for Women, consists of a special 0.375mm very durable PVC, only used for air beds, providing heavenly comfort, that gives the Most comfort imaginable for your entire torso, and relieves that age old pressure, and pain problem women have always had to worry about, when attempting to lie on their stomach, while lounging in the pool!

The ComfyBreasts™, "ComfyRaft" for Women, is professionally formed to hug your torso comfortably, and gives your breasts an "outlet" to relax while lying on your stomach, with built-in head rest, for the first time in your life, so you can feel amazingly comfortable while lounging on their stomach in the pool or water anywhere!

It's durable, if no Hot, hard or sharp objects touch the mattress,
the life of this mattress would be 8 years or longer, under normal care and use.
It is designed to hold people up in the water.
To Inflate: You can purchase an air pump(which we will be providing for purchase soon),
or you can blow it up with your mouth, through the typical air inlet,
as is found on most air matresses, and water lounging rafts.

Lounge in the pool in Great Comfort, with the Full Body, ComfyBreasts™, ComfyRaft!

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Please Read:
Shipping Notice for all orders:

The ComfyRaft, inflatable air mattresses shipping,
usually takes about 2-3 weeks, before you receive it.
Please be patient, as we are doing our best to keep up
with the huge interest and demand for the Brand New ComfyRaft lounger,
just like the huge popularity of the Original
ComfyBreasts™ Pillows!

Thank you so much, ComfyBreasts!

Width: 20"
Length: 43 1/2"
Color: Olive
Different Colors...
coming soon!

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San Diego, CA 92160-0430
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